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Material: 100% cotton.


See through.

Color:  Light Green


Same design in Cream color:


* * * New Size * * * *

Bust Approx. 130 cm /51 "

Length: Approx: 140cm /55 "

Side Slit: Approx: 40 cm/16 "

Care: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry.

About Maika's Kimono series
I used to love wearing YUKATA (summer kimono) when I was little. I could only wear it for special occasions like Matsuri ( Japanese summer festival). The dress is inspired by my sweet childhood memories. Using fine 100% cotton, it is very soft to touch and comfortable.

For the beach lovers! It has side pockets so you can carry your room keys from your beach house or even can enjoy collecting shells to bring back to your room!


Usually delivers in :

About 20 to 30 days to US, Australia and New Zealand.

About 25 to 45 days to Europe and Canada.

About 10 to 15 days to Asia.

(In very few occasions it takes longer.)



Please read the * Customer Care * before you place an order. Through the purchase of this item you are acknowledging that you have read and accept all Maika Handworks' policies. Thank you✴

Beach Kaftan Long Dress Light Green

  • Designed by Maika✴
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