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✴Material: 100% cotton. Natural Indigo.

✴Size: One size
* Length Approx. 105cm / 41 inches
* Width:Approx. 54cm / 21 inches
* Bust : 108 cm / 42.5 inches
* Side Slit: 20cm / 7.8 inches

✴One of a kind item.

✴Please see the similar item :

✴ Care: Hand wash separately in cold water. Hung to dry in the shadow.

☽☽☽ ❤ ☾☾☾
This is Lawa Hill Tribal Dress from Northern Thailand. Natural Indigo dyed cotton with beautiful hand stitches. The fabric is quite thick cotton and hand dyed. Many times in the water during the dying process so its already gentle touch to your skin. It's a very comfy summer tunic dress!

☽☽ About Natural Indigo dye ☾☾
Natural dyed indigo has a certain depth of color and reflects light in a way that is very different from chemical indigo dyes. It make the fabric much stronger and also has a benefit as an insects repellent and protect your skin from the strong sun light.

*** Please read the * Shipping and Customer care * before your purchase. Thank you. ***


Indigo Tribal Kaftan #2

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