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-Material: 100% cotton.

- 2 Colors :
* Cream
* Natural Green

- Hand spun, Natural dyed cotton thread.

- Hand woven.

- Hand Stitched.

- Cream New Size:
* Length: Approx 120cm/47"
* Bust and Hip: Approx. 112cm / 44"

-Natural Green Size:
* Length Approx. 110cm / 43"
* Bust and Hip :Approx. 120cm / 48 "

-Care: Hand wash in cold water. Hung to dry in the shadow.

* * * * * *
This dress is made of handwoven cotton textile by Karen Hill Tribe form Northern Thailand. Using hand span, natural dyed cotton thread. The side and the center lines are all hand stitched beautiful handmade item. The fabric is very soft and gentle touch to your skin. It can be a very comfy summer tunic dress, perfect as a beach poncho or cover up!

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Usually delivers in about 10-20 BUSINESS days to US, Australia and New Zealand.About 20 to 30 BUSINESS days to Europe. About 7 to 14 BUSINESS days to Asia. In very few occasions it takes longer.

For those who order before going on vacation please place an order with extra time and make sure some one stay at home to receive the package in case of shipping delay .

*** Please do understand Maika Handworks has no control of shipping once an order has been shipped also Maika Handworks is not responsible for lost packages or damaged during shipping.

Please read the * Shipping and Customer Care * before your purchase. Through the purchase of this item you are acknowledging that you have read and accept all Maika Handworks' policies. Thank you.

Handwoven Long Poncho Natural Color

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